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Sainte Marie - Madagascar
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Tropical Resort St. Mary Club

Île Sainte Marie - Madagascar

Usefull news

The seasons are different from the Northern Hemisphere. The winter months are from April to September. In June, July and August, the temperatures can drop to 0 degrees Celsius on the high lands. The summer, from October to April with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius in certain regions, is also the rainy season.

Periods advisable to you:
The Island of Sainte Marie offers a suitable climate for a beach holiday, from April to February. For the lovers of the immersions November is the ideal month in order to see sharks and whales. From July to September it is possible to observe the humpback whales.

The official language is Malagasy. French is spoken by all people.

Documents and Visa:
To stay in Madagascar, foreign tourists must have a valid passport which must not be less than 6 months from the date of the passenger's return. The tourist visa (for stays inferior to 3 months) which costs about 30 euros, will be granted by the immigration authorities at the Madagascar International Airport or, beforehand, by the foreign Malagasy Diplomatic and/or Consul Representations.

Malagasy Customs:
The entry of foreign currency is not limited. But you have to declare amounts superior to 7 500 Euros on your arrival to the Customs officials at the airport. Jewellery of non residents must be declared to obtain temporary admission and must be brought back with passenger on their departure. Some authentic objects which are part of the National Heritage are forbidden for export. Some animals, plants, valuable objects, artistic objects are subordinated to an authorisation of export given at the time of purchase

No vaccine is required to enter to Madagascar except the one against yellow fever if you have ever stayed in a country where this illness is still rife. We however, recommend the classic vaccines for travelling in tropical countries. The hotel has mosquito nets in all rooms and observe strict rules of hygiene. However, be sure to inform your doctor who will certainly prescribe some adequate and possibly necessary medicines such as an anti-diarrhoeic (Imodium type), anti-mosquito repellents (Insect-Ecran, 5/5, Autan...) and anti-malaria preventive treatment (Nivaquine, Paludrine...) necessary for any journey which includes the tropics.

Jet lag:
Plus 2 hours in relation to Italy. 1 hour when in Italy there is the solar hour (less 1 hour GMT time).

The official currency is the Ariary. The rate of exchange is Euro 1 to Ariary 2600.

What to take in your suitcase:
A sweat-shirt, a light jacket and a raincoat for cool weather on the high lands, possible rain, the thermal shock during the return trip and sea excursions, a pair of walking shoes for hikes, an anti-mosquito product (citronella or one of your choice) as well as a pair of flip-flops, a pair of swimming shoes (because of coral reefs), a swimsuit, a beach-towel and solar protection with high protection factor for the sun. The landscapes are so beautiful that you have to bring a camera and/or video camera.

Direct dialling from Madagascar to Italy is effected through the prefix 0039. When necessary the prefix to Madagascar is 00261.

50% of Catholics and Protestants ; 50% of animist and other various religions including traditional (Muslim, Hindu, etc.)

Presidential Republic with a democratic government.

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