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      St Mary Club
Sainte Marie - Madagascar
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Who are we?

Tropical Resort St. Mary Club

Ile Sainte Marie - Madagascar

The Saint Mary Club Resort is situated on the Island of Sainte Marie, founded in 2003 and under the management of Tour Invest company up to 2006 is presently totally renovated by a new Italian company formed by 4 partners who are all from Leghorn in the Tuscan Province.
Since their very first visit to Madagascar they envisioned what was to be their absolute objective and wanted to carry out something which would become really important, maintaining complete and absolute respect for the natural environment, the country and people’s tradition and history.
In particular, la Management of the Resort has taken on a precise and respectful responsibility against all forms of exploitation and abuse: the development of sustainable and responsible type of tourism as well as a responsible and correct management of the tourist activities with regard to the local community.
The management of the St Mary Club has undertaken to care for the conservation and the valorisation of the immense natural patrimony which is throughout the island.

Precisely in consideration to this patrimony, in a context where nature reigns supreme, our buildings are made in such a manner so as to obtain the least possible invasive impact in the surrounding scenery and so as to permit our guests to spend their days by the sea or on the edge of the forest in absolute privacy.

There is at present a viability research and study regarding a centre for natural treatments, massage, purifying treatments - regenerative, in which natural essences extracted using old and guaranteed methods from the medicinal plants in the forest, will be used.

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